What do you get from us ?

There’s a good reason we are awarded franchise prizes each year!

The Little Gym provides comprehensive support and innovative resources for both new owners and established members of our family. All of the team at The Little Gym are solely devoted to providing you with the tools and assistance you need to be in business for yourself, not by yourself. That way you can concentrate on more important things, like positively affecting the lives of children in your community.

Good people just like you

Our franchise owners come from all different backgrounds. Some started as instructors in a gym, some from corporate life, some moms, but they all shared something in common: the sense that something was missing from their lives.

Your Support Team

Be in business for yourself, not by yourself!

In the months before you open, our trainers will prepare you and your key team members for a smooth opening. You’ll participate in a training session where you can practice your skills in a fully operational gym. Once your gym is open, we continue to help you grow through training sessions that offer you and your team fresh innovative ideas and methods to operate your gym.
Human Resources
Hiring is part intuition, part science. And it’s a whole lot easier with the expertise and resources. We are available to assist with your hiring needs. Detailed job descriptions, interviewing tips, and techniques on obtaining reference and background checks will help you assemble the greatest team for your business.
Consultant Services
Your lifeline during your pre-opening phase. We will guide you through the whole process and help fast-track your business growth. Our goal is to ensure you get off on the right foot and that the kinks are worked out of your marketing, operational and financial systems.
Real Estate Services
We will also advise you during the build-out, helping select qualified vendors and assisting with construction deadlines. We’ll acquaint you with our interior design standards as well as the demographic and psychographic data, which can affect your choices among our variable site options. To ensure a timely opening, they’ll coordinate with us for equipment ordering. Our goal is to quickly get you up and running to help you achieve early success.
Information Technology
We provide start-up and ongoing tools and support to all The Little Gym owners. We constantly improve the usability of tools currently available and create new tools to help your gym run more efficiently. Our program, provides the ability to track all of the day-to-day operations such as registrations, payments, and attendance. It can also outputs reports that will help you manage and grow your business.
Our top priority is seeing our franchise owners reach their potential. In order to help our owners, reach their potential, we work with you from day one, providing the financial training and support to start and manage your gym. We guide you through funding options and make lender referrals.
Many new business owners assume that people will flock to their doors once they open them. If it could be that simple! At The Little Gym, our team takes the mystery out of marketing through step-by-step training and access to an abundance of proven materials.
Curriculum Development
No one tops The Little Gym at developing age-appropriate curriculum. Our proprietary non competitive program allows each child to develop their physical, mental, emotional and social skills at their own pace. And we set every lesson to original music produced by Founder Robin Wes.
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